Philip Ramos

"Prior to being adjusted by Dr. Rhonda Basarich, I was experiencing indescribable pain for several years -particularly on the left side of my body.   This pain would involve continuous “tingling” feelings that constrained me and made me feel like I was carrying additional weight on my left side.  As a result, I found it more difficult to focus on work and to be able to rest comfortably at night.  Additionally, I was becoming more allergic to everything-including my parents’ cat.  Every time I went to my parents’ house, I found myself congested and sneezing, which would prompt me to keep my visits limited.

After receiving just one adjustment, I began to immediately feel the difference.  The pain on my left side has dramatically subsided, allowing me to enjoy my life more.  I was even able to go on a vacation that required me to travel from Sacramento to Las Vegas to San Diego to Los Angeles-something that would have been more difficult had it not been for the upper cervical adjustments of Dr. Basarich.  I’m now sleeping a lot better and have been better able to focus on my work instead of the pain.  The allergies have gone away and I’m now  able to stay longer whenever I visit my parents’-even helping them take care of the very same cat that a couple of months prior was causing my congestion and

I still have a lot of progress and healing to undergo, but I feel that for the first time in years, my life is on an upward trajectory of healing, recovery, and resolution.  The upper cervical care I’ve received has made me better-both on the inside and out.  If you too find yourself in indescribable pain, here’s one describable, long-term solution: Basarich Chiropractic.   Consider this a small down-payment toward enjoying the rest of your life as pain-free as possible."
Kathy James

"After her thorough exam, she explained my diagnosis to me in plain English.  From there, together we developed a treatment plan."
Marty Blakely

"Upper cervical care has helped relieve my headaches and back pain that I sustained from an auto accident.  I was hit from behind by two cars, the car directly behind me and the car behind him, resulting in double impact.

When I first saw Dr. Basarich I was experiencing constant back pain and back ache.  I was also having headaches.  Within a couple weeks my headaches were gone.  Within two months my back pain went from constant to intermittent.  Prior to the accident I did a six-mile walk.  I believe that I am well on my way to full recovery and will return to my pre-accident status-when again I will be able to do my six-mile walk without experiencing any back pain or ache.

I have learned that I need to be patient and allow the chiropractic adjustments to heal my body naturally within its own timing.  I prefer this option over taking pharmaceutical drugs."